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Research Questions

Community Engagement in Infrastructure Megaprojects:

1. How does community engagement influence the successful implementation and outcomes of infrastructure megaprojects?

2. What are the existing methods and strategies for community engagement in infrastructure megaprojects, and what are their impacts?

3. What is the role of digital tools and social media in facilitating community engagement for infrastructure megaprojects?

Artificial Intelligence in Megaprojects:

4. What roles does AI play in risk assessment and mitigation in megaprojects?

5. How does AI contribute to stakeholder management and communication in the scope of megaprojects?

6. What potential does AI hold for future developments in the management of megaprojects?

7. What are the limitations or challenges of implementing AI in megaprojects and how have they been addressed in the literature?

Artificial Intelligence for Community Engagement:

8. How can AI technologies be utilized to enhance community engagement in mega infrastructure projects?

9. What are the successful examples of using AI to improve community engagement and what lessons can be drawn from them?

10. What are the potential barriers to using AI for community engagement and how can they be overcome?

11. How can AI be used to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of community engagement strategies?

12. What is the role of AI in facilitating community engagement in different cultural and social contexts?

13. How does the use of AI in community engagement affect trust, privacy, and ethical considerations?

14. What potential does AI hold for future developments in enhancing community engagement?

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